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Multihead weighing system for the food and non-food industry. They also offer in-line weighning systems.

Yamato has the latest technology to develop their individual weighing solutions, wheter it´s confectionery products, snacks, bakery, cereals, nuts, IQF, fresh products, meats, fish, mixed products or non-food applications for chemical products and pharmacists.

The Omega Series is state-of-the-art in weighing technology; improved productivity, more intuitive operation, minimal maintenance, excellent hygine standards and reduction of energy consumption. There´s a wide range of models making it able to adapt to any products or production capacity.

Sigma /Epsilon
The Epsilon Series is the successor of the renowned models of the Sigma series and offer extraordinary performance at a sensational price. Combining the experience of the Sigma Series and the latest technological developments, we will be able to satisfy a good part of the needs of the most demanding applications.

Alpha Advanced
The experience of the Alfa series combined with the latest developments in weighing technology makes the Alfa Advanced series the ideal solution for a multitude of simple applications that seek the perfect balance between investment cost and quality of the weighing stage.

The Frontier Concept is applicable to all Yamato weighing machines:

  1. Independent discharging channels
  2. Utilization of discharge gate
  3. Different multi-load options

Semi-automatic weighing systems
Yamato´s ideal solution for weighing "difficult" products, currently weighed in a manual way, such as fillet of meat, fish, elongated vegetable products such as celery - provided that their sales format is a fixed weight according to the right regulations and measurements.