Brunner Anliker · Switzerland

Machinery for cutting, chopping, grating and declumping food products.

Technological solutions for automatic washing (water or solvent-based) of containers used for the production, handling and transport of materials making the washing process time and cost-efficient.

Equitech · USA

Specializes in the design, sale, installation and service of optoelectronic equipment for online process control. Using proprietary fiber optic probes, its high-quality dual-beam spectrophotometer and easy-to-integrate software improve speed and precision in industrial quality control.

Groba · Netherlands

High capacity equipment for cutting, grating and processing cheese to obtain bars, wedges or rectangular pieces among others.

Kason · USA / United Kingdom

Separation /classification solutions of solid particles, solids or liquids /slurry. It also provides solutions for the humidification, cooling or any kind of bulk materials' drying.

Designs and manufactures complete processing lines for potato chips, snack pellets, dried fruit, deep-frozen potato chips, battered potato chips and deep-frozen potato specialities

Three-Tec · Switzerland

Develops, produces and markets high-quality feeders, as well as peripheral devices and installations for bulk materials for process engineering in all demanding industrial ranges.

Tomra · Belgium

Optical sorting and peeling equipment based on sensors and technology for food processing for the fresh and processed food industries.

Ystral · Germany

Systems for mixing, dispersing and incorporating powderes products - inline or in a container.


High-end machinery for automatic cartoning and case packing, specialist in the following types of packaging; side load, top load, end of line and customizing.

Essegi · Italy

Vertical packaging machines VFFS with different applications, capacities and facilities for pressing and plasticizing various products.

Packing and process machines for the bakery and bread industry, machines for the slicing of bread, bagging and clipping units, adaptable to different requirements of every customer.

Equipment for horizontal flowpacking and automatic lines for various indutries. They have a speciality in pastry and biscuit projects.

Langguth · Germany

Machines for labelling with cold or hot glue and for self-adhesive labels.

Longford · Canada

High speed automatic dispensers for promotional, 3D and other uses adaptable to the production line.

Marden Edwards · United Kingdom

Wrapper and shrink-wrapper systems, with adaption for individual applications.

Scaldopack · Belgium

Machinery for high-speed insertion and sealing of spouts into vertical doypack bags, with high package integrity as a result. As well as it also offers machinery for filling liquids through the spouts of vertical bags and closing the bags with screw caps.

SR Pack · Denmark

Specialists in systems for fully automated packing of artisan bread, bread loaves, pastries and cakes.

Yamato · Germany / Japan

Multihead weighing system for the food and non-food industry. They also offer in-line weighing systems.

Loma Systems · United Kingdom

Metal detection systems, weight control and x-ray systems.

Tomra · Belgium

Optical sorting and peeling equipment based on sensors and technology for food processing for the fresh and processed food industries.