Luciano Aguilar S.A. is a family owned company by the Aguilar family, and has since its beginning been dedicated to the textile machinery sector. Through the years, the company has expanded further into the sectors of general packaging, processing and inspection machinery for the food industry. Luciano Aguilar S.A. is owned by Blas Aguilar S.L., the family’s main company, where the general services of corporate management, administration and IT are located. Blas Aguilar S.L. is, together with the Pineda family, the owner of Aguilar & Pineda Asociados, a company dedicated to industrial machinery for the textile and chemical sectors.
Our team consist of highly qualified professionals with an extensive experience in offering a personalized service tailored to the customers needs.
We have a warehouse located in Palau Solità i Plegamans. In this center the logistics and distribution of spare parts are managed, and there is also an electronic and mechanical workshop for service and a demonstration room.




Luciano Aguilar is part of the Graphispack association, Graph, pack & retail since 1983. The association promotes the Graphispag, Graphispag_Digital and Hispack exhibitions.

Blas Aguilar Amat founded the Blas Aguilar company dedicated to domestic and foreign textile accessories sale for spinning and finishing sectors. He works together with his son Luciano who joined in 1901.
When Blas Aguilar passed away, the company was renamed Luciano Aguilar as the successor of Blas Aguilar.
Emilio Aguilar Barbany, son of Luciano, joins the company. Due to the interwar crisis the company must reinvent itself and is dedicated to the sale of chemical products and accessories.
Carlos Aguilar Barbany, also Luciano's son, joins to take care of finance and administration.
Transfer of the office to its current location in Calle Mallorca 279 (Barcelona).
Due to the autarky period, local manufacturers are represented.
 Emilio Aguilar Ferrer joins.
With the opening of the Spanish market to foreign companies, the representation of foreign machinery manufacturers and the divisions of packaging and food are established.
The company is established as a limited company under the name of Luciano Aguilar S.A.
Carlos Aguilar Peyra joins.
The company's 100th year anniversary is celebrated in Sitges. The division dedicated to the export of Spanish textile machinery is set up.
The division of textile, software and colorimetry is set up. Cristina Aguilar Batista joins the company.
The company receives the centenary company certificate awarded by the "Generalitat de Catalunya".
Creation of the Blas Aguilar holding and the Family Council from which the family protocol is created.
The company Aguilar & Pineda Asociados S.L. is created with the merger of the textile and chemical divisions of Luciano Aguilar S.A. and the company Eduardo de Pineda y Cía. The firm Luciano Aguilar S.A. focus its activity on the sectors of food, packaging and graphic arts.
Sergio Aguilar Batista takes over from his sister as Administrator of the Holding together with Carlos Aguilar Peyra. Claudia Aguilar Carretero joins.
Carlota Aguilar Carretero joins the company.
Corporate social responsibility

· Ethics, best practics and transparency in business relationships.

· Optimization of resources to minimize the environmental impact.

· Commitment to workers in their personal, professional and familiar development.