Dairy products


Technological solutions for automatic washing (water or solvent-based) of containers used for the production, handling and transport of materials making the washing process time and cost-efficient.

Clayton · Belgium / USA

Gas, diesel or electric steam generators, with capacities between 100kW and 13MW and pressures up to 140 barg. Steam generation using water tube technology.

Groba · Netherlands

High capacity equipment for cutting, grating and processing cheese to obtain bars, wedges or rectangular pieces among others.

Ystral · Germany

Systems for mixing, dispersing and incorporating powderes products - inline or in a container.

Scaldopack · Belgium

Machinery for high-speed insertion and sealing of spouts into vertical doypack bags, with high package integrity as a result. As well as it also offers machinery for filling liquids through the spouts of vertical bags and closing the bags with screw caps.

Premium horizontal pouch packaging machines (HFFS) for many products, such as food, beverage, pet food, seed, pharma, household, personal care, and non-food.

Specialists in horizontal and vertical automatic casepacking equipment at high speed, particularly bags and all types of trays in crates, trays, folding cases, shelf-ready display cases up to containers.


Automatic packing systems such as pick & place, wraparound and other formats. Cartoners for coffee capsules, palletizers and LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles)

Langguth · Germany

Machines for labelling with cold or hot glue and for self-adhesive labels.

Yamato · Germany / Japan

Multihead weighing system for the food and non-food industry. They also offer in-line weighing systems.

Loma Systems · United Kingdom

Metal detection systems, weight control and x-ray systems.