Innovative solutions for the processing and transport of solids; Pneumatic transport (dense and dilute phase) and slow and continuous transport for sensitive products, static weighing, centrifugal sieves, mills from conical mill to micro grinding with air classification.


Clayton · Belgium / USA

Gas, diesel or electric steam generators, with capacities between 100kW and 13MW and pressures up to 140 barg. Steam generation using water tube technology.

Ystral · Germany

Systems for mixing, dispersing and incorporating powderes products - inline or in a container.

Essegi · Italy

Vertical packaging machines VFFS with different applications, capacities and facilities for pressing and plasticizing various products.

Yamato · Germany / Japan

Multihead weighing system for the food and non-food industry. They also offer in-line weighing systems.

Loma Systems · United Kingdom

Metal detection systems, weight control and x-ray systems.