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Optical sorting and peeling equipment based on sensors and technology for food processing for the fresh and processed food industries.

TOMRA Sorting Solution is a leading provider of industrial food processing equipment and the technology for fresh and processed food industries. For more than 40 years, they have been developing technology classified as avant-garde, optimizing production and helping the commercialization of high-quality foods with a high level of homogeneity.

  • Optical sorters
  • Steam peelers


Optical sorters

TOMRA Sorting Solutions offer the widest range of machines for the classification of food by using sensors. They offer solutions for a great number of food applications, such as for fresh and processed food, from farm to fork.



Steam peeler

The peeler uses steam as a very efficient method to skin vegetables and fruits. The steam peelers from TOMRA, for potatos, other root vegetables and fruits are quicker and more efficient as compared to other steam peelers available in the market.


Our principal TOMRA presented its new TOMRA 5B at Hispack