News - 23-03-2018
Our principal TOMRA presented its new TOMRA 5B at Hispack

TOMRA 5B is a sorting machine that helps you to accomplish the strictest quality and food safety standards. Our visitors could also see a demonstration of the operation of the machine in Virtual Reality.

The TOMRA 5B incorporates TOMRA's intelligent immersive vision technology, which uses high-resolution cameras and high-intensity LEDs to provide products with better appearance and allows a 360-degree inspection. This translates into the improvement of the quality of the products, since each object is identified to improve the detection of color and shape. The technology also helps to improve the removal of foreign materials, while ensuring the quality of the product and a reduction in the rates of false rejections.

TOMRA is headquartered in Belgium and is a manufacturer of optical sorters and peelers based on sensors and technology for food processing for the fresh and processed food industries.