Pharmacy and hygiene

Langguth · Germany

Machines for labelling with cold or hot glue and for self-adhesive labels.

Sitma · Italy

Equipment for packaging and logistics systems, as well as for graphic arts. Plastic film wrapping machines, with or without retracatble tunnel, for the packaging sector.

Yamato · Germany / Japan

Multihead weighing system for the food and non-food industry. They also offer in-line weighing systems.

Complete lines of automatic packing for the introduction of flexible bags, which contain fragile products into cardboard boxes to their subsequent shipment to final customer.

Equipment for horizontal flowpacking and automatic lines for various indutries. They have a speciality in pastry and biscuit projects.

Longford · Canada

High speed automatic dispensers for promotional, 3D and other uses adaptable to the production line.

Marden Edwards · United Kingdom

Wrapper and shrink-wrapper systems, with adaption for individual applications.

Pattyn · Belgium

Turnkey solutions and advanced food packaging equipment to safely pack products into 5-30 kg containers or pallet sized containers.

Coperion Components · USA / Germany

Components for pneumatic conveying and material handling such as rotary and diverting valves.

Ystral · Germany

Systems for mixing, dispersing and incorporating powderes products - inline or in a container.

Coperion K-Tron · USA / Switzerland

Very precise solutions for the dosing of a wide range of ingredients for various industries.

Technological solutions for automatic washing (water or solvent-based) of containers used for the production, handling and transport of materials making the washing process time and cost-efficient.

Loma Systems · United Kingdom

Metal detection systems, weight control and x-ray systems.